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1. Privacy Policy
1. Privacy Policy
1.1. Marketing
We display targeted advertisements but will not email you at any time with unsolicited marketing material. We only use email for notifications which may be necessary for the operation of this site.

1.2. Information Sharing and Disclosure
We will not rent, sell or share information about you with any other people or companies except to provide products or services that you have requested, when required by law, to investigate illegal or fraudulent activity, to prevent threatening or unsociable activity, or if we are acquired by another company.

People must log on to view your full profile. This means that we are aware of anyone viewing your profile and ensures that search engines such as Google and Yahoo cannot pick this up from our site for general display in their indexes. Summary details that appear on the search page can be found, however, and may appear on such indexes.

1.3. Cookies
A cookie (also referred to as a HTTP cookie, web cookie, Internet cookie or browser cookie) is a small piece of data sent from a website and stored locally by your web browser whilst you are browsing that website. Each time you visit the website, the browser sends the cookie back to the server to notify the website of your previous activity.

We set and access cookies on your computer to do the following:
  • store session data. This is data passed between pages on our site and enables the site to work properly. We always do this unless you have specifically disallowed cookies in your browser;
  • remember your previous login name (if you tick the "Remember me" box) and search criteria between sessions. If you keep your browser open and just switch between pages the site will remember these details via the session data. However, if you close your browser (and therefore close your session) it will use a cookie to remember them. This feature won't work until you have given consent by pressing the "Got it!" button on our cookie consent banner;
  • share data with Google Analytics which we use to analyse our traffic. Again, this is disabled on our site until you have given cookie consent;
  • provide social media features. The social media buttons on our site do nothing until you yourself move your mouse over them and click on them;
  • personalise ads (if and when we display them).
Most modern browsers allow you to block cookies if you wish.

1.4. Safeguards
We only hold a "hashed" pattern for your password, not the password itself so we would be unable to take your password and use it elsewhere. For that reason, when you forget your password we need to send you a new one.

None of your personal information, including photos, is held under the site root directory.

1.5. Suggestions
If you are not happy with our service please feel free to contact us.