Ian Matthews

Emmanuel College, Cambridge
MA Mathematics and Computer Science (BA 1984)


Sep 08 - date Developed web sites using PHP, MySQL, Javascript and SQLite, operating in both a Windows and Linux environment, including Imsoft Systems Ltd and Daydream Dating.

Nov 02 - Sep 08 Analyst/Programmer at Vodafone, Theale. Developed and supported software in C, Pro*C and PL/SQL in an Oracle 9 HP-UX environment to extract tariff-checking and account analysis data from the multi-instance Gemini billing system and maintained a Visual Basic front end to view it. The work also involved shell scripting, use of SQL*Loader and performance tuning.

July 01 - Aug 02 Analyst/Programmer at Convergys, Bristol. Again developed software in C, Pro*C and PL/SQL for One-2-One's mobile telecommunications operation, mainly involving the transfer of roaming details to and from other networks (TAP), in an Oracle 8 HP-UX environment.

May 01 - Jul 01 Analyst/Programmer at Vodafone Corporate, Newbury. Developed reports in C, Pro*C and PL/SQL to support Vodafone Corporate in their use of the Gemini billing system, again using Oracle 8 and HP-UX.

Mar 99 - Feb 01 Analyst/Programmer at Vodafone Central Services, Newbury. Developed software in C, Pro*C and PL/SQL to support Vodafone Retail, Connect and Corporate in their use of the Gemini billing system.

Aug 97 - Jan 99 Analyst/Programmer at National Grid, Wokingham. Developed software in C, Pro*C and PL/SQL under Oracle V7 for the SPICE (Schedule Processing in a Controlled Environment) project, which supports GOAL (Generator Ordering and Loading) running under VMS.

Apr 95 - Jul 97 Analyst/Programmer at Vodafone, Newbury. Developed software in C, Pro*C and PL/SQL under Oracle V7 and UNIX to download MIS information from existing billing systems, summarising 3-4 million records per day. Wrote specifications in Designer/2000, and the work included maintenance work using Developer/2000.

May 94 - Mar 95 Analyst/Programmer at NEC (UK) Ltd, Reading. Developed sales order and analysis software in C, Pro*C, SQL*Forms V3 and PL/SQL packages under Oracle V7 (with HP-UX on HP9000 kit) for the SOP system, which controls warehousing, stock control, and sales for NEC in the UK and Europe. The work included remote database transfers and development of the forecasting sub-system in Pro*C and SQL*Forms V3 screens generated from TOP*CASE.

1988 - 1994 Logica

Feb 94 - Apr 94 Analyst/Programmer on the maintenance and enhancement of an accounting system for CINVen, a venture capital company. The system, VCAS, consists of a database running under IBM's version of UNIX (AIX) on an RS/6000 and DOS-based PC clients using the Oracle V6 database toolset on top of Novell Netware 3.11. NFS was used to allow access between DOS and UNIX.

Mainly developed data input screens using SQL*Forms V3 and SQL*Menu V5 but the work also included reports and batch jobs written in C, Pro*C, SQL*ReportWriter and SQL*Plus.

Oct 93 - Jan 94 Analyst on the requirements definition of a technical infrastructure for the Prudential Home Service Section, Euston, aimed at replacing their mainframe environment. The role involved interviewing various key people, establishing requirements from them and producing a first-cut logical design using the object-oriented tool OMW.

Mar 93 - Oct 93 Senior Analyst/Programmer working in Warsaw, Poland, on a foreign taxation system (POLTAX). The system was developed using Oracle, including Case*Dictionary and Case*Generator. The role was split between team leading and development, again mainly specialising in SQL*Forms V3 work.

As an Analyst on the same project, used Oracle*Case to specify additions to the system based on existing documentation and interviews with Polish Ministry of Finance staff via an interpreter.

Jan 92 - Mar 93 Senior Analyst/Programmer on the above accounting system, VCAS. Used SQL*Forms V3, SQL*Menu V5, C, Pro*C, SQL*ReportWriter and SQL*Plus as described above. Also acted as team leader controlling up to 10 developers at the peak of the project.

Apr 91 - Jan 92 Analyst working on the Functional Specification for the VCAS system. Also worked on the hardware and software configuration for the proposal for the above system. Wrote WordPerfect macros to support FS team.

Sep 90 - Apr 91 Analyst/Programmer at Shell International (SIPM) in The Hague, Netherlands including project management responsibilities. The role involved the maintenance of electronic mail facilities, supporting an increase in users of the DEC office automation system All-In-1 from 200 to 600 by:

Feb 90 - Sep 90 Analyst at Lloyds Bank Registrar's Department in Worthing developing specifications for 'add-on' functionality to their existing Share Registration System.

Also helped Lloyds set up their own DEC VAX/VMS development environment as their support team began to take over some modification work on the system. Applied knowledge of CMS (Code Management System) and configuration management.

Aug 89 - Feb 90 Analyst/Programmer on the design and implementation of the Document Configuration Management system for the Barclays Global Banking System (BGBS) project within a DEC VMS All-In-1 environment. Controlled a functional specification produced by a project team of about 150 people. Developed access and control routines in C.

Jul 88 - Aug 89 Quality Assurance and Configuration contact acting as central client liaison with particular reference to the Lloyds Share Registration project. Developed Quality and Technical Standards for the development Project Plan, monitored compliance to the standards and acted as the central point for software release. Responsible for software configuration and change control. Wrote DCL routines to handle this.

1986 - 1988 Reuters

Aug 87 - Jul 88 Foreign Exchange Team Leader on RPKS (Reuter Position Keeping Service). The system is used by foreign exchange and money market dealers to deal quickly and efficiently. It consists of components operating across a network of PCs, written mainly in PASCAL, providing on-line deal processing plus overnight analysis of activities.

Managed a team of 5 programmers and developed data input screens and batch jobs.

Oct 86 - Aug 87 Senior Programmer on the development and maintenance of RPKS.

1984 - 1986 Software Sciences Ltd

Feb 86 - Sep 86 Programmer for the Environment and Space Systems Group to develop a menu-driven image editing and hardcopy production system for the Laboratory of Image Processing, Joint Research Centre Euratom, Ispra, Italy. The system, JAY, was written in FORTRAN and was required to run under VMS on a DEC VAX-11/785 and under RSX-11M-PLUS on a DEC PDP-11/84 using various display devices. The work included 7 weeks development and integration on site in Italy.

Oct 85 - Jan 86 Team Leader on a training project for 10 new recruits, implementing a project control system using DEC VAX BASIC under VMS.

Apr 85 - Sep 85 Programmer on FIRM (Financial Intermediaries Record Management) within the Commercial and Financial Division of the company. This involved specifying and coding modifications and additions to a multi-user information retrieval system written in RPL and RQL (Rapid Programming and Query Languages), again under DEC's VMS.

Oct 84 - Apr 85 Junior Consultant on the Battlefield Architecture Study, involving the resolution of compatibility and standardisation problems between systems on the battlefield.

Familiar with (through use at home, as project support tools or in bid work):

Microsoft Office (including MS Access, Word, Excel and Outlook)
Visual Basic


LSDM LBMS Structured Development Method
Novell Novell Netware 3.11 certified system manager
Logica Managing System Development